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Yoga allows me to polish how I see and interact with the world, inviting a more spacious, forgiving, bright version of myself into being. My passion for the balance of freedom and comfort that yoga provides has led me around the world to study its depths, primarily in the lineage of Krishnamacharya. One translation of the word Yoga is union. To me, this extends well beyond the mat and into every facet of life. The presence this union, connection, and oneness cultivates is a joyful one, that I lovingly invite into classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.

When I took my first yoga class in January of 2009, I fell in love, like every moment in my life had led to the one where I finally stepped onto my yoga mat. Enamoured, I took my first Yoga teacher training in June of 2009, just a couple months into my yoga journey.  As a an academically focused young adult looking for direction in life, yoga was the perfect invitation of presence, acceptance, and joy into my way of being. The tools of yoga have opened up a world of possibilities, which has allowed me to actively participate in the creation of the life of my dreams. Bringing together tradition with modern understanding of body, breath, & mind, I look  forward to providing tools and space for you to reveal and rest in the magic of who you are.


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