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"The clear night sky tried to prepare me

for what it knew might some day happen

it began to show me ever deeper aspects of its splendor

and then one evening just directly asked

Will you be able to withstand your own magnificence?

I thought I was hearing things

until a spring orchard I was passing my days with

at the height of its glory burst into song

About our - every humans - destiny to burn with radiance.

Still I felt my ears were playing tricks on me

Until the morning where God tore apart my chest, needing more room to bloom inside.

I began to roll through the streets in ecstacy.

Everyone thought I was crazy.

I hope someday you know how blessed I was.

You will."





Private Yoga Classes

Traditionally, yoga has been passed on from teacher to student, in a one-on-one setting. Taking a private yoga class is an opportunity to refine your practice, ask lots of questions, and get clear on the alignment and approach to your practice that best suits your individual needs. I have had success working with improving mobility due to chronic inflammation, reducing pain in scoliosis, and in introducing the practice to those who are newer to yoga. 

I am available for private yoga classes Wednesdays from 6am - 10am & 4pm-7pm, and Saturdays from 7am - 10am. 

$100 for a single 60 minute session

$425 for a block of five classes

New: Online Live Classes

I am happy to offer classes on Instagram live. If you enjoy the class and are able to donate to support them continuing - it is much appreciated! 

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