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Specialized Classes


30 minute 1-1 tune up class

30 minute 1-1 tune ups are a great opportunity to ask questions and have time to work on your alignment. Refine your approach and technique in your practice and receive individualized instruction with transitions or poses you are working on, injuries you need to modify for, or to receive adjustments that will help you go deeper.

$49 for online studio members, $59 for non-members

I am also available for corporate wellness classes and events. Please contact me for pricing and availability. 

Past experience

"Yoga classes with Kristine over the past few months have greatly improved the quality of my life, something which I never expected.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis in my late teens and years of physiotherapy could not resolve the curve in my spine or the recurring headaches and neck aches I suffered from.  People have often told me that individuals diagnosed with scoliosis should not practise yoga because yoga would worsen their postures.  This is totally not true!  

I approached Kristine for private classes because I felt very “misaligned” in many yoga poses; I felt that I was not twisting in the right angles, and also frustrated that I was not practising yoga “correctly”.  Working with Kristine has been a truly enjoyable experience!  She taught me to be more aware of my own body, gradually introducing tiny but significant adjustments in yoga poses which have helped to align my body.  Kristine is also super encouraging.  She never once said that my misaligned shoulders and hips were flaws to be rectified; they were simply parts that can be better aligned if I learnt to be more aware of my body in yoga practices.  I am also able to apply this awareness which Kristine has taught me during group yoga classes.  I no longer feel awkward in yoga classes, even if there are certain positions which I am unable to fold into.  I have learnt to progress at my own pace, making slight adjustments along the way.  For the first time in many years, I feel that I can breathe properly and walk confidently with a straight spine.  With lengthened hamstrings and better hip flexion, I can now lift heavier at the gym.  And I can finally touch my toes! "  - GK 

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