Upcoming Workshops


Sunday July 8 at The Sattva School of Yoga

I am very excited to be offering a guest teacher workshop at the Sattva School in Edmonton, Canada, on July 8. Ideally, all yoga is a balance between yin and yang, effort andsurrender. It can be more challenging in a culture where we are accustomed to rushing to slow down, and give our bodies ample time to rest. In this practice we will focus on slowing down, giving the body plenty of support so that it is able to soften into its own natural intelligence, where so much healing can happen. While the season of summer is an externally fiery and exciting time, it also asks that we give ourselves time to rest, recharge, and cool down. This workshop will include tools that you can use to promote relaxation on a daily basis. More information and registration can be found at the Sattva School's website. 


More Workshop Offerings

Workshops are an opportunity to dive deep into a specific topic. There are some of my favourite that I offer regularly around the world. Want to schedule one of these workshops? Lets get in touch

Foundations of Flow

Foundations of Flow

Foundations of flow will focus on the alignment in yoga that will help to create sustainability and longevity in your yoga practice. Focusing on the movements and transitions that are common in a flow yoga class, we will work to generate awareness on places where proper alignment is key, and discover ways to move gracefully and safely through these transitions. Some of the places we will gain a deeper understanding of are sun salutations and standing poses. This workshop will be of benefit to any level of practitioner, from beginner to advanced, as foundational alignment is a key part of deepening your practice at any level ♥






Living with Intention


Creating the life of your dreams doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary - it can actually be one of the most exciting things you do! This workshop will teach you the history, philosophy, and science behind manifesting. It will also use yogic tools to help you connect to your own authentic intention, and teach you how to support yourself along the journey of living your truth. Part theory discussion, part practice. I am also able to offer this workshop on a one on one basis to help you specifically with your goals.

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The Gateway to Freedom

backbend (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Backbends are some of the most beneficial poses in yoga, due to the forward bending nature of our everyday lives. Backbends help to balance out the sitting at a desk, driving, and walking that can make the front of our bodies slouch, and are a key part of developing proper posture and a healthy spine. This workshop will focus on how opening the hips, legs, shoulders, and wrists can provide greater accessibility into backbending, allowing us to go deeper into opening the space of the heart - where the real magic happens. We will find ways to move deeper into some of the more common backbends in flow yoga, as well as explore some fun variations. Come ready to move, sweat, and most of all have fun! 


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Chakra Flow


This introduction to energetic anatomy will explore how the workings of our inner environment influence our experience of the world around us. Using the chakra system as our primary guide, we will explore how these centres within our body affect different aspects of our physical, emotional, and mental health. Connecting with yoga poses and practices to bring harmony into the chakras, we will learn tools to harness the natural intelligence of these centres to create balance and bliss from within.

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