Workshops are an opportunity to dive deep into a specific topic. There are some of my favourite that I offer regularly around the world. Want to schedule one of these workshops? Lets get in touch

Foundations of Flow

Foundations of Flow

Foundations of flow will focus on the alignment in yoga that will help to create sustainability and longevity in your yoga practice. Focusing on the movements and transitions that are common in a flow yoga class, we will work to generate awareness on places where proper alignment is key, and discover ways to move gracefully and safely through these transitions. Some of the places we will gain a deeper understanding of are sun salutations and standing poses. This workshop will be of benefit to any level of practitioner, from beginner to advanced, as foundational alignment is a key part of deepening your practice at any level ♥

Next Foundations of Flow workshop: 

  • Saturday April 14 from 2-4pm at Tribe Yoga Leith Walk:



Living with Intention


The Gateway to Freedom

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Backbends are some of the most beneficial poses in yoga, due to the forward bending nature of our everyday lives. Backbends help to balance out the sitting at a desk, driving, and walking that can make the front of our bodies slouch, and are a key part of developing proper posture and a healthy spine. This workshop will focus on how opening the hips, legs, shoulders, and wrists can provide greater accessibility into backbending, allowing us to go deeper into opening the space of the heart - where the real magic happens. We will find ways to move deeper into some of the more common backbends in flow yoga, as well as explore some fun variations. Come ready to move, sweat, and most of all have fun! 


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