The Intelligence of Observance

What does it mean, to truly observe?

To observe something, in its purest form, and honestly, would mean that all other pre conceived notions would have to be placed aside. For in judgement, we prevent ourselves from seeing the whole picture.

Although conditioning may tell us that judgement is the most logical form of observance, in fact, we can become so conditioned to judge that there is no possible way to see clearly the beauty that is placed before us. 

Every being has a story, a lesson. In judgement, a limited number of options are possible, and we might become so caught up in our own experience that we miss it. This continual, evolutionary potential that is placed before us each and every day. Clouded by judgement, it is impossible to truly observe.

In pure, non-judgmental observance, you are open to an unlimited amount of possibility. 

When we open ourselves up to the magic that is before us; when we soften our approach to observance - this is when we truly begin to see.